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A Great Moment in an Average Life

January 2, 2018

The Kitchen Table

By Richard Gwynallen

Reverend Nathaniel Jenkins, Sr.
25 March 1678 • Tyngraig, Caerdicanshire, Wales
2 June 1754 • Hopewell, Cumberland, New Jersey
Relationship to Fawn: 8th great-grandfather

The Jenkins family is a line of my mother’s maternal family line.  I was drawn to this little story first because it was another Welsh family line, second because it was centered in a part of the country less common in our various family lines, and then because of one incident I ran across about Nathaniel Jenkins.  The latter became for me a good example of the lesson our rabbi, Shmuel Herzfeld, drew from our study of Tractate Sotah 11 that we each must speak out against injustice, even if we are certain it won’t have any effect.

Nathaniel immigrated to the American Colonies from Wales with his wife, Esther Jones, and their infant son, in 1710 – 1712, arriving…

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