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Old Time Tennessee Hog Killing

August 3, 2017



Old Time Tennessee Hog Killing‭ ‬

In the fall of the year the neighbors would get together for a big hog killing.‭ ‬The time was right when the weather turned cool enough to safely butcher that years fat hogs.‭
‬It was a community event,‭ ‬folks came from all around for a day of good county visiting and hard work.

The men would kill the hogs and scald the hair off in a vat of boiling water,‭ ‬heated with firewood.‭ ‬Then butcher each hog getting them ready for the women to cut up for packaging and make sausage to taste,‭ ‬using their secret seasonings.‭ ‬It was then time for cooking off the lard (rendering), city folks might call it shortening.‭

Old stories were told by the elders and tales of that years farming season of whom grew the best corn might be the talk of the day.‭ ‬The younger men and…

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