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Totalitarians Gain in Greek Elections

May 19, 2014

The Liberty Bullhorn

And when times got tough, there was just about enough

But we saw it through without complaining

For deep inside was a burning pride

In the town I loved so well

Luke Kelly, The Dubliners

The current economic crisis in Europe is not the first. Mankind has experienced good and bad economic times for as long as organized economic activity has been around. If we had the proper documentation we could probably study business cycles as far back in time as ten thousand years. While we cannot say for certain how people far back in history handled economic recessions and depressions, we do know from recent history (the past few hundred years) that we as a civilized, intelligent species are able to go through tough times without resorting to revolutionary measures.

Yet today, when Western Civilization is supposed to be at the very height of its sophistication, the gut reaction from people living under serious economic…

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