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Venezuela in Cuban Death Spiral

April 9, 2014

The Liberty Bullhorn

For well over a decade now, European and even American socialists have pointed to Venezuela as the new socialist paradise. As now-defunct president Hugo Chavez socialized sector after sector and chased foreign oil companies out of the country, his global admirers went politically ecstatic. Little did they care when oil production plummeted because the experts left the country and the socialists tried to run oil production on dictates from the country’s political leadership; little did Chavez’s global congregation of spoiled iPhone-using socialists care when the Venezuelan economy was hit by rolling black-outs. They cared even less when Chavez introduced destructive price regulations on food, regulations that made it close to impossible for anyone to make a living producing and distributing food in the country.

When sector after sector imploded, European and American worshipers of now-defunct Hugo Chavez raised him even further to the skies.  When the Dark Bells of Beelzebub…

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