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From “War on Women” to the New Inane, “Ban the word Bossy”

March 14, 2014

Liberty's Spirit

The dopey war on women meme has basically come to naught. OK there are millions of women who really think that somehow not being allowed to murder an unborn child in the 9th month of gestation is a violation of their rights and equals a war on women. These are the same women who think with every lady part except the most important lady part, their brain. I would hazard a guess that these are the same women who think “mansplaining” is tantamount to “honor murders” and a violation of their psychic essence. However, in the adult world, most women know and understand that the “war on women” was a political tool used by political tools to fool politically naive tools. That it helped get this most inadequate man reelected President of the United States, says more about the lack of political knowledge and education of the American electorate than…

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