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Reality vs. Socialism

March 13, 2014

The Liberty Bullhorn

Since the ANC got into power in South Africa two decades ago, the majority of the population is, legally speaking, no longer held back as second-class citizens. There were many of us who wished South Africa well on that symbolic day when Nelson Mandela took office as the country’s first black president.

Since then, the ANC has failed miserably. From practically every measurable economic angle, South Africa is in worse shape today than it was under Apartheid. This is terrible for many reasons, one being that nobody should have any reason to wish for a return to the days of oppression just because they had bread and peace back then. But instead of creating a truly free South Africa where everyone could pursue prosperity on the free markets of Capitalism, the ANC has built one of the most corrupt welfare states in the world. For my analysis of the ANC…

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