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Freedom from Offense Channeling Fascism

February 23, 2014

Liberty's Spirit

Fear. That’s it in a nutshell. Fear of ideas. Fear of argument. Fear of confrontation. Fear of being upstaged. Fear of having to defend your position. Fear of differing views. There is no other explanation for the idea that academic freedom should mean freedom from ideas that offend, other than fear of being challenged and forced to rethink, or truly defend, your positions. Freedom from being uncomfortable in society? No “human” is an island. Where there are humans there are opinions. Where there are opinions there is bound to be conflict, argument and derision. Where there are humans there is bound to be a challenge. It is what human society is all about.

Challenge of intellect. Challenge of research, themes, perspectives and outlooks. If you cannot support your thesis in an argument then perhaps your thesis is invalid. Challenge is not something to shirk or shrink away in retreat. Challenge…

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