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May 6, 2012

The Liberty Bullhorn

The Greek parliamentary vote is shaping up to be a protest vote against what people perceive as overly arrogant politicians in mainstream parties. Part of the protest is directed against an ever more intrusive, non-democratic and non-transparent EU structure. This part of the protest is not limited to Greece: the French presidential election is shaping up to be something similar. The Financial Times reports:

Wealthy French people are looking to London as a refuge from fresh taxes on high earners pledged by candidates in the country’s presidential elections. The “soak the rich” rhetoric that has punctuated the presidential campaign has prompted a sharp rise in the numbers weighing a move across the Channel, according to London-based wealth managers, lawyers and property agents specialising in French clients. François Hollande, the Socialist candidate who leads the presidential race after the first round of voting last week, wants to impose a tax rate of 75 per cent…

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